RMG's Staff

Rob McGee, President, holds graduate degrees in both library and computing  science. Since1965, Rob McGee has worked as a professional at the forefront of library automation. In his work on three successive leading-edge library automation research and development projects from 1967 through 1982 at The University of Chicago, Rob McGee produced system requirements, system  designs, technical plans, and library automation. In 1980, Rob McGee founded  RMG Consultants, Inc. to share the benefits of his extensive experience to librarians. Since then, RMG has assisted more libraries to plan and  procure automated systems than any other consulting firm. In 1990, Rob McGee was named in a survey as one of the top 100 librarians in the nation.

Patrick McClintock, Vice President, is a library and information professional who combines a hands-on automated library system management background with more than twenty years of experience in project planning and  management. Since joining RMG in 1985, Pat McClintock has conducted projects  involving public, academic, and school libraries and consortia, and has helped libraries plan, design, and implement integrated library systems, Z39.50-based resource sharing systems, local and wide area networks and voice telephone systems.

Geoff Payne serves as  Director of RMG Information Consultants, Pty Ltd, our Melbourne Australia based affiliate.   Geoff Payne is widely regarded as a leading Librarian in Australia. Geoff has worked in numerous academic libraries, was the former Director of CAVAL Ltd, a consortium of academic libraries in and around Melbourne, and has served as a library consultant to numerous libraries in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.