NEWS RELEASE: RMG Consultants, Inc. 17 December 2009, Chicago

"Forces of Change Sweep Across the Library Automation Landscape:
Business and Technology Partnerships, Foundation and Government Funding, Non-profits versus For-profits"

is the lead topic of

RMG's Twentieth Annual Presidents' Seminar: The View from the Top

Friday, January 15, 2010, 2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
ALA Midwinter Conference, Boston
Boston Convention & Exhibition Center - Room 162 A/B

RMG's 2010 Presidents' Seminar focuses on initiatives and trends in the library technology industry: new partnerships for developing integrated library systems and discovery tools; foundation and government funding for open source software development and support; and the growing list of non-profit organizations partnering and competing with for-profit companies.

The first segment of the program will feature Speakers from grant funded projects making brief presentations about what they're doing and why, and responding to questions from Panelists and the Audience.

In the second segment the Panel, Speakers, and Audience will engage industry topics.

Executives of library automation companies who have been invited include:

Auto-Graphics, Paul Cope
Equinox, Brad LaJeunesse (unavailable)
Ex Libris, Carl Grant
Infor, Ann Melaerts
Innovative Interfaces, Jerry Kline (unavailable)
LibLime, Josh Ferraro
OCLC, Andrew Pace
Polaris, Bill Schickling
Serials Solutions, Jane Burke
SirsiDynix, Gary Rautenstrauch
SkyRiver, Leslie Strauss
TLC, Gary Kirk
VTLS, Vinod Chachra

Speakers invited to make brief presentations and answer questions about their projects are:

Mary Anne Hodel, Library Director and CEO of the Orange County Library System, Orlando FL, representing the libraries led by King County Library System that have received an IMLS grant to develop an Open Source maintenance and support infrastructure model.

Catherine C. Wilt, President, Lyrasis on the The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation funded project to plan a support service for assisting libraries with the adoption and use of open source software and systems.

A representative has been invited for the Kuali OLE (Open Library Environment) Project, supported by its college and university partners and the Mellon Foundation, that plans to deliver an enterprise-ready, community source software package that will allow academic and research libraries to discontinue their current library automation systems for managing scholarly information.

Robert Walton, CEO of the Claremont University Consortium, and Marshall Breeding of Library Technology Guides will participate as Commentators.

These recent grants for development and support of open source software (OSS) for libraries illustrate well-planned, super-funded, partnership-led changes coming to the ILS industry. Government and foundation funding for development projects adds a new twist to the issue of competition in the industry, and blurs some old distinctions between vendors and users.

For-profit companies and non-profits have long competed in the library space, but this year brings some new wrinkles: OCLC’s addition of new circulation, delivery, and acquisitions features to WorldCat Local’s existing cataloging and discovery tools, to compete with the for-profits’ ILS offerings; and the launch of SkyRiver by Innovative Interfaces’ owner Jerry Kline to offer alternative bibliographic utility services.

Building on the theme of last year's RMG program, "Starting Over: Re-Inventing the Integrated Library System and the Library Automation Industry," these and other developments between now and then are expected to inspire discussion at the 2010 program.

Other interested librarians and leaders of companies from the library, information, and education industries are invited to attend as members of the Audience, and to add their questions and comments to those of the Panelists, Speakers, and Commentators.

Registration is not required.

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